CNL Software and nuPSYS Partner to Offer 3D Command and Control

January 23, 2017

CNL Software and nuPSYS 0000 are pleased to announce that they have entered a technology partnership. Working together the two companies will bring nuPSYS’s patented 3D visualization technology, nuSIM™, to CNL Software’s IPSecurityCenter™ PSIM platform for homeland defense, CIP, and corporate security customers across the globe.

The partnership, created under CNL Software’s Technology Alliance Program will allow users to experience unparalleled levels of situational awareness, as all assets, cameras and critical points can be accurately plotted onto the 3D mapping surface within the PSIM solution. It will enable operators to, graphically, view multilayer live video overlays, giving accurate 3D perspectives for real time situation management. Additionally, it will give operators the ability to guide ground staff, more accurately, in the event of an incident.

The integration of nuSIM with IPSecurityCenter offers a range of benefits to users such as lifelike appearances, which are enabled by nuSIM’s ability to visualize a virtually unlimited number of assets. This provides greater clarity and depth, ensuring a natural feel within IPSecurityCenter.

IPSecurityCenter and nuSIM share many underlying technologies, allowing full native integration with smooth navigation within 3D environments. This native integration also helps to ensure any detected event can be isolated in a few clicks, allowing operators to focus on resolving incidents without distraction. Add to this nuSIM’s ability to rapidly import 3D information in a number of commonly used formats, with full X, Y and Z coordinate support, and together they become a very powerful 3D security management tool, without the drawbacks typically associated with 3D visualization.

The CNL Software and nuPSYS partnership ensures seamless integration of their respective technologies, sales, and marketing resources, with a focus on North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Source: Global Security Magazine


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Cameras, Access Controls, Sensors, and Other Devices

Unification in a 3D model of Camcorders, Access Controls, Motion Sensors, Fire Detectors, Alarms and any other device that can join the network, allows operators to have an immediate view of events, streamlining their Response time and providing them with access to the live images of the cameras in the zone and to the visual of sensors and other devices in the network according to the situation happened.

Information Storage

The video and stored information are used to visualize events that happened in the past in order to investigate any past events, such as evidence to support investigations into immigration offenses, human rights violations, arms trafficking, trafficking Drug trafficking, trafficking in persons, financial crimes, robberies, etc.