3D visualization physical security, data center infrastructure and network visualization for military instalations, bases, training camps


Military Installations, Bases and Training Camps

We Bring Efficiency and Effectiveness to the control of military instalations, bases and training camps

The days when the security of military installations only involved the protection of the outer perimeter using barbed wire fences and armed guards are history.

Today, securing military installations is more complex: Intense media scrutiny and real-time coverage of violent incidents, leaks, and other failures of security personnel call for more immediate and easy-to-carry-out physical security measures. We have a perfect solution for your need for event viewing and effective decision making.


Watch our videos to learn more about 3d visualization, network visualization data center infrastructure and physical security and how they can help you step up to the next level in visualization, control and desicion making.

Cameras, Access Controls, Sensors, and Other Devices

Unification in a 3D model of Camcorders, Access Controls, Motion Sensors, Fire Detectors, Alarms and any other device that can join the network, allows operators to have an immediate view of events, streamlining their Response time and providing them with access to the live images of the cameras in the zone and to the visual of sensors and other devices in the network according to the situation happened.

Information Storage

The video and stored information are used to visualize events that happened in the past in order to investigate any past events, such as evidence to support investigations into conduct unbecoming fo an officer, unauthorized access, civilian riots, crimes on the premisses, etc.