nuPSYS provides a converged software platform for 3d visualization of physical security and IoT network visualization.

Why Visualization: Networks & infrastructure complexity is dramatically growing, resulting in "Big Data" challenge of identifying critical information effectively & efficiently. Visualization simplifies big data analytics, & accelerates time-to-action. Market for big data visualization is over a billion dollar, including that of networks and data centers.

nuPSYS' Solution: Based on innovative & patented technologies, nuPSYS' Visualization converged software platform comprises of three elements:

nuVIZ: 3D-Visualization (physically & virtually) for data center infrastructure management (DCIM), uniquely capable of visualizing virtual machines, virtual network topology, physical rack-space, physical device details (including its modules, line-cards, etc.), power utilization & heat-map, data center walk through. nuVIZ use cases include data center planning & inventory drastically reducing time. In its next release nuVIZ is expected to provide dynamic DCIM visualization, including adds, moves & changes.

nuGEN: Visual network management system (NMS) for logical & virtual networks, including visual alarming drastically Simplifying managing & optimizing networks via Visualization of the entire network and its dynamics in real-time. nuGEN has cloud-based and on-premise versions, with real-time analytics, scalable to a Million+ devices. nuGEN use cases include network trouble-shooting, monitoring & health assessment. Patented image-rendering & GPU-based technology directly addresses the dynamic, rapidly-changing & complex aspects of today's networks. nuGEN is used by multi-service carriers, cable operators, banks & other enterprises

Team: nuPSYS' Team is a seasoned group of industry veterans from Cisco, Apple, Varian and Harris with profound & broad Industry Experience including building Tier-1 Enterprise and Service Provider Networks, Data Centers, wired & wireless Telecommunications & IoT infrastructures worldwide. nuPSYS is a Cisco partner.

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