nuPSYS Announces Unique Real-Time Collaboration Feature for Trouble-Shooting Networks, Powered by Moxtra

October 19, 2015

nuPSYS is pleased to announce its partnering with Moxtra (, to integrate Moxtra's real-time collaboration technology into nuPSYS' flagship network management solution.

The nu-Collaborate™, built into nuGEN, leverages Moxtra's powerful communications + collaboration SDKs. nuGEN users now have access to powerful tools like screen sharing and video conferencing, event-reporting, group messaging, voice calls, to-dos, videos, documents, annotations, signatures, voice & visual notes – all within nuGEN itself.

"Integrating Moxtra into nuGEN creates a unique set of capabilities for managing and trouble-shooting networks," stated Dmitry Bokotey, Founder & CTO of nuPSYS (& a 5-CCIE at Cisco prior). "Like a business-class social media within nuGEN, Moxtra enables live interactions between network & IT teams, dramatically improving speed of trouble-shooting including optimal resource allocations."

"Users are looking for in-context communication + collaboration experiences to get things done effectively and efficiently, no matter they are or what devices they are using," said Subrah Iyar, co-founder and CEO of Moxtra. "With the Moxtra SDK, we make it simple to deliver such continuous experiences. We are excited to partner with nuPSYS to deliver powerful in-app collaboration experiences to their customers."

This allows network engineers & IT teams to collaborate anytime, anywhere, & on any device, to trouble-shoot & resolve network issues much more rapidly. For managed service providers it also enables their customers to share network issues rapidly with them. Going from alert to solution is faster than ever.

"We are pleased to partner with Moxtra for enterprise-class, presence-based, collaboration technology for network management," stated Dr. Reza Ahy, nuPSYS CEO, "Moxtra is a leader in innovative real-time in-context communications. Our patented Real-Time Visualization, Simplification & Analytics now includes integrated collaboration, dramatically improving the effectiveness, visibility & cost of operating IP-Networks for Legacy, SDN, and Virtual Networks."

Alongside Moxtra, nuPSYS has recently announced its Cisco-CML partnership, & plans to announce other major partnerships. nuPSYS' market focus & customers include major Tier-1 Banks, Manufacturing Companies, Infrastructure, & Government engagements.

About nuPSYS: nuPSYS provides a unique & innovative patented solution, to drastically Simplify managing & optimizing networks via visualization of the entire network and its dynamics in real-time. Its solution offers both cloud-based & on-premise, with real-time analytics, scalable to a Million+ devices. nuPSYS' Team is a seasoned group of industry veterans with substantial industry experience including building Tier-1 enterprise & service provider Networks, data centers, wired & wireless telecommunications & IoT infrastructures worldwide.

About Moxtra: Moxtra is an embeddable, mobile-first solution that works the way teams do, flexibly and simply, in real-time or anytime. The Moxtra SDK allows any mobile or web application on any device to integrate Moxtra's Power Messaging suite to bring contextual communication + collaboration into the heart of your app to leverage your users and your content. The Moxtra SDK allows users to engage with each other via chat, voice and video calls, screen sharing, file sharing, videos, document annotation, voice & visual clips without leaving your app.

Source: PR Newswire


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