nuPSYS and Asset Finance Group Partner to Provide SaaS-Like Offering of nuPSYS Products

June 05, 2015

nuPSYS announced that it has partnered with Asset Finance Group Inc. to provide SaaS-like offering of nuPSYS products. The nuPSYS Subscription is a financing instrument through AFG enabling nuPSYS' customers to treat purchases of nuPSYS products as an operational expense (OPEX). It includes a fixed-term commitment with coterminous support. This is in contrast to a perpetual license purchase whereby it is mainly treated as a capital expenditure (CAPEX). For some of nuPSYS customers, this creates an easier entry point given its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-like attributes.

Source: nuPSYS and Asset Finance Group Partner to Provide SaaS-Like Offering of nuPSYS Products PR Newswire


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Cameras, Access Controls, Sensors, and Other Devices

Unification in a 3D model of Camcorders, Access Controls, Motion Sensors, Fire Detectors, Alarms and any other device that can join the network, allows operators to have an immediate view of events, streamlining their Response time and providing them with access to the live images of the cameras in the zone and to the visual of sensors and other devices in the network according to the situation happened.

Information Storage

The video and stored information are used to visualize events that happened in the past in order to investigate any past events, such as evidence to support investigations into immigration offenses, human rights violations, arms trafficking, trafficking Drug trafficking, trafficking in persons, financial crimes, robberies, etc.