nuPSYS Empowers Data Center Modeling & Operations with 3D-Visualization-Automated & Synchronized 3D-physical-Network Views

May 17, 2017

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- nuPSYS, an innovation leader in IoT is pleased to announce nuVIZ™, its Data Center Solution. nuVIZ™ integrates data center building, floor, racks, devices, & infrastructure into an interactive & dynamic 3D-model, creating a Virtual-Presence™, including walk-though. nuVIZ™ also provides a split-screen simultaneous & correlated views of 3D-model & network of the data center & a dynamic network topology map, eliminating the need for static tools.

nuVIZ™ accelerates & enhances full cycle of data center solutions & services: modeling, design, verification, deployment, operations, & optimization:

• Auto propagating from Excel inventory list into nuVIZ' 3D-Model
• Auto-positioning Rack-Space from Excel list & Visio / AutoCAD
• Auto propagating Rack-devices & their positions, Rack-by-Rack
• Auto-adjustment for changes of Rack slots / devices & Rack-space
• Searchable Inventory data base inside nuVIZ (by IP-Address & MAC address)
• Navigation in 3D , including Fly-to-mode upon selecting a Rack or Device
• 3D & 2D Rack-View options: Rack-Wizard
• Full Inventory info access

Data Center acceleration using nuVIZ™ are expected to be 10X for modeling, 3X each for verification, planning & operations.

Synchronized & Correlated views in nuVIZ™ are an industry first:

• Single dashboard for 3D-physical & network views.
• Click on Network device & Show 3D-physical device.
• Click on 3D-physical device & Show Network device & its networking properties.
• nuPSYS Verification of Network to 3D-physical Rack & Device is instant.

Reza Ahy, nuPSYS' CEO states, "nuVIZ™ is a powerful & unique data center solution leveraging nuPSYS' patented technology. We are pleased to work closely with a Tier1 global leader in solutions & services for data center markets worldwide. The substantial growth expected in data center deployments including remote, modular, & micro / edge versions, provides a massive business opportunity for nuVIZ™, & its significant efficiency improvements for data center life-cycle."

Dmitry Bokotey, nuPSYS' CTO, states, "nuVIZ™ combines our patented 3D-visualization & networking technologies into a single integrated solution. The discovery engine enables real-time & fast inventory of all networking devices within the data-center. Combined with our 3D-model, it provides new generation of data-center inventory management, in addition to planning, capacity & environmental."

About nuPSYS nuPSYS is an innovation leader in IoT & Data Center solutions. nuPSYS provides a unique patented 3D-Visualizaiton solution empowering IoT platforms, via dynamic monitoring of physical environment, data center, & IoT network in real-time. Its solution offers fastest real-time & most scalable performance. nuPSYS' team has extensive data center experience.

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